Claire Lu’s Parents

My daughter, Claire, has joined Globalart since August, 2017. She spent an AWESOME year with her teacher, Ms. Claudia and her friends in Globalart Dublin. All the teachers in Globalart Dublin are very kind and inspirational. This school really helped Claire to improve in her drawing techniques and coloring skills. Claire used to draw objects in small sizes or just one individual object at a time in great details. In Globalart, Claire learned to enlarge the drawing in different sizes and directions and to draw/color areas of a scene…not just an individual object. She is also inspired to have greater imagination. Now, she can quickly come out with scene/image and draw & color it out. I am grateful for everything that Ms. Claudia has taught Claire not just art but beyond. Thank you to all the teachers in Globalart Dublin. I highly recommend Globalart art school and their art programs.